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Junior Development Coaching Kit Resources

Item: Hand Weights 

Issue: Low Backswing

Desired Outcome: Increase Backswing


Exercise: Hold weight inside handgrip and slowly swing the arm from the elbow initially and then from the shoulder, increasing the height that the hand swings to at the rear.  This will stretch and strengthen the muscles needed to allow a freer and higher backswing.

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Video 1

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Once the member is used to this exercise it can be used on the march in slow motion, with emphasis on the backswing only, or it may increase front-swing unnecessarily.


This is an exercise that a member could use during warm up before training commences.  It is not a one-off fix, to stretch and strengthen the exercise will need to be repeated regularly.


Remember – If the member experiences any discomfort or pain stop the exercise immediately.  Members must be always supervised by an Accredited Coach.  Should the member wish to do this exercise away from training please explain the exercise and the purpose to an adult who can supervise e.g. parent or guardian.

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