DrillDance teams perform exciting and challenging routines in categories such as Dance, Prop and Drill-Team. Teams choose their costumes and music to match the theme of each routine. Age groups are Under 8, Under 13, Under 18, Senior & Masters. DrillDance promotes physical activity, coordination and teamwork.

Teams across Australia (DrillDance NSW, DrillDance QLD, DrillDance VIC, DrillDance TAS, DrillDance WA, DrillDance SA) are now recruiting for season 2022 (June 2021-April 2022). 

In the meantime, take a look at some of the 2021 highlights on YouTube! Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Play for Purpose is back!

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Tickets are just $10 and will raise funds for Coaching and Judging Development in your own State and for DrillDance Australia.

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Exciting and challenging drill and dance routines for all ages.