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What is DrillDance?

DrillDance teams perform exciting and challenging routines in categories such as Dance, Prop and Drill-Team. Teams choose their costumes and music to match the theme of each routine. Age groups are Under 8, Under 13, Under 18, Senior & Masters. DrillDance provides opportunities for physical activity, improved posture, coordination and teamwork.

Clubs and Teams

There are teams in most states of Australia. Contact us to find your closest club and get involved!

Basic Drill
The Basic Drill Routine for Junior teams is an introduction to standard drills. The Basic Drill is made up of compulsory movements to be perfomed in sequence.

Technical Drill
The Technical Drill Routine is the medium used by DrillDance teams to display marching drills, movements and formations within specified rules. The routine should demonstrate the spectacle of good team work, discipline, accuracy of drill standards as well as the dignity and deportment of traditional marching.

Exhibition Drill
The Exhibition Drill Routine is the medium used by DrillDance teams to add their own choreography to a traditional marching routine. This routine includes set compulsories and a combination of intricate formations, clever team work and the overall impression of precision. Teams choose their own music and create the routine to highlight both music and costuming.

Thematic Drill
The Thematic Drill provides the opportunity for teams to be creative still within the realm of a drill type perfomance by adding a theme that suits the characteristics of the music, costume and choreography.

Prop DrillDance
Prop DrillDance is the medium for teams to be creative within the realm of a drill / dance / rhythmic type routine with the emphasis being on the skillful use of props and precision in movement, performed to music of the team’s choice.

Thematic Dance
DrillDance comes alive as teams dazzle you with routines using their favourite music or theme. Members become R&B dancers, rock’n’rollers and story characters as they perform entertaining movements to great music. The Thematic Dance Routine is a performance where teams choose their own interpretation of a story, theme, dance or pantomime.

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