DrillDance in Western Australia!

DrillDance in WA currently has two DrillDance clubs based in the Warwick and Rivervale areas – and are recruiting for all age sections; Under 8s, Under 13s, Under 18s, Seniors and Masters.


DrillDance evolved from 'marching girls' who regularly featured in local parades and competitions.  Since then, the sport has evolved and become DrillDance which more adequately describes itself.

The Drill section involves performing a range of complex patterned routines in time, in teams.  The Dance section is for cleverly choreographed dance and themed routines that are a real spectacle to watch and absolutely awesome to participate in. Teams may perform in the following categories: basic drill, technical drill, exhibition drill, prop drill, thematic drill and thematic dance. Let's MOVE together at DrillDance! No experience necessary.


DrillDance promises a unique and dignified way to be active and fit.  It is low impact, builds core strength, muscle tone and good posture.  And as well as providing fitness, it will improve coordination, internal and external self-awareness, focus and confidence  in the company of your team mates – no solos here!

We believe there is no comparison to team sport; it provides a foundation for lifelong friendships, loyalty, learning to work with others and gaining amazing life skills, moving together!


Contact us today and start enjoying the friendship, fun and personal development we can offer you.


The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries supports DrillDance in Western Australia

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